Inflatable Bubble Packaging

Inflatable Bubble Wrap Packaging

The power of Air! Inflatable Bubble Wrap packaging offers superior on-demand inflatable cushioning and surface protection for products of all sizes, shapes and durability.


  • On-demand inflatables saves valuable warehouse space and storage.
  • 1 truck of IB delivers the same amount as 40 trucks of traditional bubble.
  • 88% of IB systems placed with customers remain for more than 3 years.


  • Offers 30% better cushioning over other traditional packing materials, for example air cellular, paper and foam.
  • Inflating on-demand and on-site reduces the time needed in material handling and inventory management, increases the pack speed by up to 20%.
  • Use the smallest box possible by reducing packaging material by 25% or more; available in small, medium, large and extra large bubble sizes.
  • Shapes and pattern films offer customer's a unique unboxing experience that strengthens brands and their relationships with building customer loyalty.

On-Demand Inflatable Cushion System - NewAir I.B. Flex™

Inflatable Cushioning Bubble Wrap System

On-demand inflatable cushioning system with agility to produce air cushioning materials from ultra-light for source reduction to heavy duty for damage protection that rivals the performance of foams.


  • Inflates up to 90 linear feet- 30m / minute; runs 30 SKUs on single system.
  • Durable parts reduce downtime costs by up to 50%
  • Ready to use in 10 minutes: fully assembled, plug and play


  • Maximizes the inflation of every cell in the bubble sheet, up to 90% air loss reduction, as compared to other competitive materials.
  • At speeds of 90 fpm (30 mpm), the customer will get more packaging out of a small commitment of floor space.
  • With patented barrier material and inflation technology, maximizes inflation while reducing the number of sheets customer needs for proper packaging.

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