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At Master Packaging Solutions, we provide you with an array different packaging options:

Master Packagin Solution is an industrial packaging specialist focusing on new and existing product design in the electronic and related fields. Our experience and expertise have proven we are a manufacturer's answer to specialty packaging from prototype through production.

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Our high-performance packaging foam is designed to protect products against impact during the entirety of the shipping process. Other companies may require large amounts of packaging material to secure their products. However with Master Packaging Solution's products, the amount packaging for each shipment will be minimal.

instapacker tabletop system

A foam-in-bag packaging system is perfect for small and mid-sized companies looking for the superior cushioning properties without a large up-front investment.

foam in place system model 901foam in place system model 900

A Polyurethane Foam-in-Place System combines polyol (resin) and isocyanate to make polyurethane foam. Polyurethane Foam is used in the areas of packaging, flotation, insulation, and roofing as well. Foam-in-place packaging molds exactly to the product being shipped.

With the user-friendly 15-gallon containers, the all-electric InstapakTM 900 requires minimal space. Since air compressors are not required, this compact system is easy to install. Scheduled maintenance is limited with this machine, making it simple to maintain. This system’s electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls guarantee top quality InstapakTM foam. Most of all, the 900 system meets international product safety standards.

Benifits of choosing Master Packaging Solution

  • Requires minimal space
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to maintain
  • Safe to use

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Requires Minimal Space
The handy 15-gallon containers and compact system will fit almost anywhere.

Easy to Install
The all electric Instapak™ 900 system installs easily. No air compressors required.

Simple to Maintain
No scheduled maintenance required

Guarantees Foam Quality
Electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls guarantee top quality Instapak™ foam.

Safe to Use
The 900 system meets major international product safety standards.

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