Foam In Place Packaging

Polyurethane Foam-In-Place System - Instant Polyurethane Foam

Model 901

foam in place system model 901

Model 900

foam in place system model 900

instapack 900 series

The Instapak 901 Foam-in-Place Packaging System is ideal for mid-size packaging applications, while the Instapak 900 Foam-in-Place Packaging System is suited for small to mid-size packaging applications. Both feature the following:

  • Self-diagnostic controls
  • Built-in timers
  • The flexibility of adjusting the amount of foam dispensed for your application
  • All electric operation; no compressed air

Foam in place process 1 Foam in place process 2 Foam in place process 3 Foam in place process 4

If you have any questions about the Foam-in-place system, please contact us today.

Requires Minimal Space

The handy 15-gallon containers and compact system will fit almost anywhere.

Easy to Install

The all electric Instapak™ 900 system installs easily. No air compressors required.

Simple to Maintain

No scheduled maintenance required

Guarantees Foam Quality

Electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls guarantee top quality Instapak™ foam.

Safe to Use

The 900 system meets major international product safety standards.

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